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SingingVoiceLessons.com has been teaching the world to sing since 2001, with one of the best and most affordable CD, DVD singing lesson programs on the market.  Thousands have been sold around the globe, helping people achieve top vocal success and making voice lessons affordable for everyone.  Our 100% money back guarantee makes this modest investment risk- free and gives you everything you need to learn to sing, get your voice in top shape and fulfill your dreams 
Coach Shelley also offers Skype and private singing lessons out of her private voice studio in Southern Oregon

Private Voice Lessons

We offer unsurpassed vocal instruction in a comfortable professional recording studio environment. With over 18 years of teaching experience and success, we offer individual and group lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced singing students of all ages and vocal styles. Call to schedule today. 541.890.7293


Voice Coach Shelley Kristen's singing instruction is entertaining, easy to understand and most importantly produces amazing results... quickly.  
No matter what your age, level of ability or vocal style your dream as a singer can now be fulfilled with these powerful  voice lessons.  Whether you choose the home CD/DVD set or take private voice lessons, we guarantee your voice will improve dramatically!