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Singing lessons on CD/DVD Samples & Testimonials

Voice Lesson Sample from Total Breathing DVD

Student Testimonials


  "It is such an honor and a privilege to hear back from students that have benefited so greatly from the voice lesson series. I receive unsolicited reviews of my voice training series all the time and each one is so encouraging to me.  It makes me so happy to know I can help my students learn to sing & make a difference in their life"...   
Voice Coach Shelley Kristen   


The following are various unsolicited emails from happy students!

Greetings Shelley:
I got your products couple of weeks ago and it is awesome.
I have actually learned the concepts of singing, etc.  You see I have never sung or even taken a singing lesson.  Since I am unemployed and can not afford a singing coach, this products has been the best next thing.
Thank you! =)
Juan Iglesias =) 

Hi! I just wanted to drop you a note and say that your singing lessons are excellent! I just got back from rehearsal and it's like im a totally different singer...The guys in my band noticed immediately right after the first song. I'm louder, stronger and a lot less fatigued. The whole "singing forward" thing was a revelation to me too. This is all only after 2 weeks, I can't wait to see what I'm like in 6 months from now! Thanks again, Matthew J. doggerrecords 

Hello Shelley:

The past three months have been the happiest days in my life because I got you,
 the most amazing voice teacher and I could practice to sing! Right after I
 got your online order in January, I was asked if I could replace a sister in
 the worship team at Church starting on Mar 27th, I said "yes, I will try"
since I know I will have three months' preparation.

So I started with your singing lesson CDs. I only had a very limited time
or practicing, but I made it almost everyday during my cooking or
driving. I practiced the breathing when I walk or in bed. I can feel the
 improvement each day. I only got the songs two weeks before my singing time.
Amazingly, I have surprised the people for my first singing last weekend. I
was told that I have a wide range of voice, high and low! Thank you Shelley!
I have been waiting for this day to share my happiness with you.
I have told many people about you, some of them have already ordered your CDs. I am sure you will see more coming from London Ontario Canada.
Thank you so much, God bless you. 

Dear Shelley,  Just wanted to write to 

you and tell you how helpful your voice lesson DVD and CD's have been. I have performed 3 shows and had numerous practices since using your CD's. Miraculously, I have had no (that's none!) vocal fatigue after singing for 3-4 hours. I use your warm up section before I sing at practice and shows. I am so grateful! Before, I was having a very difficult time keeping up with the band and I was having pain in my throat after singing. Now, I just use the warm up and apply the techniques on your cd's and I have no problems. Thank you for a wonderful product. I look forward to new CD's that you may put out in the future! Also, thanks again for the personal response to the question I submitted to you when I first got the CD's. If you are ever in New Orleans, come see one of our shows! Kathy W. 

Dear Shelley,  Thank you for sharing your beautiful teaching style, your effective methods and techniques, and your beautiful voice! Your genuine care, encouragement, positive attitude and expertise are exuded in each and every message throughout your "Foundations" CD. Your concise, easy-to-follow directions and examples are motivating me to practice and to keep my voice in its best condition for both singing and speaking alike. I have already noticed marked improvement on just the second day -- just as you promised! What a confidence booster! (And an ingenious way of sharing your gifts! Priceless!) Gratefully, Bobby C., Speech Pathologist Mrs. Kristen, Thank you for having a great voice lessons series.  I have been singing for the last 13 years and have had fun doing it.  Funny thing is, I never have had voice lessons,  why have I thought about it now,  I am looking now to go pro and want to make sure that my voice is in tip-top shape. I work with your lessons three times a week and it has really strengthened my range.  I can sing both a real low Bassy tones and can surpass the Tenor High C now due to the series.  I am currently working a CD project that will be out next year.  I will send you a zipped folder of the MP3s.  I am working all the background vocals as well as running the lead.  I was asked recently by my church music director to join a Praise Team.  I am helping our Tenor section in the choir at the church that I go to by helping them become more confident in their singing.  They all try to match me.  With the help from your CDs, I have gained confidence in my ability to sing and sing on pitch.  My Home Studio has just been launched and is now on Facebook. Thanks again Very Respectfully, Stephen W., Georgia   Hello Shelley,  I am a (female) voice teacher in a conservatory in Athens-Greece and I founded my own vocal studio a year ago. I used to work in the TV (in the most valid and big channels as National channel, Mega channel & Alpha channel) as a composer - arranger and singing conductor for the best shows that Greek TV has produced. I have been working for over eight years teaching the most famous and popular singers and actors in Greece. I was looking for new good teaching methods and I ordered yours. I am very pleased and I write this note to you to say "THANK YOU" and to send a thousand "CONGRATULATIONS!" for your excellent work. I'd like to have a photo with an autograph of you for my Vocal studio (if it is possible). I wait for your new books or CDs. Thank you. With a lot of respect. (Forgive my poor English) AT. Vocal studio Athens Greece   

Various Comments from Shelley's You tube channel:

Amazing videos to warm up...you teach me how to rock.. 

Just bought your singing lessons! Your warm-ups are great, so I had to buy the whole package. Thanks!!  
The warm-ups are great, I use these before heading off to my singing lessons which saves me some time on warming up while with my teacher.
Also these are prefect for days where I don't have lessons, thanks!
I subscribed because I actually warm up along with the vids. I'm not a singer but spend sunday afternoons singing with my nephews. just the warm ups improved my voice considerably. I like the hands on approach, thanks Shelley

Amazing Singing Lesson Videos! :D Fantastic, infact! Thank you a lot - I've never had a single lesson for singing at all, and I've just been accepted into a Musical Theatre Arts school, and I was looking for a video that would clearly explain and show me how to warm up my vocal chords - your video done just that, thank you! :D